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New York City is a beautiful place to explore for tourists and residents alike. However, it’s a massive city that can be too large to traverse on foot at times. Let’s take a look at bike rentals in New York City and the best ways to get around on bike.

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Why Rent A Bike?


Simply put, New York City is massive. If your try to get around by walking, you’ll end up wasting valuable time of your vacation. A bike rental in NYC is a great solution to this problem. You can bike at high speeds and get from one destination to other in a matter of minutes. On average, a one hour walk turns into 15 minutes or less via bike. If you’re trying to get from a museum to a park to a restaurant, walking could take the entire day while a bike makes this much more feasible. You might be tempted to simply rent a car instead, but there are drawbacks to vehicle rentals. The traffic in the city can be almost unbearable at times, and when you do finally get moving, you’ll be stopped by traffic lights and pedestrians. Bikes are the healthier option and can go places that cars cannot. The city is full of parks and pathways that are too narrow for cars. If you want to explore every nook and cranny of the city, you’ll definitely want to look for a bike rental in NYC for convenience and portability.

Parking is also an issue for cars. Some parking lots feature extraordinary rates, and parking stalls on the street are limited and not much more inexpensive. On the other hand, with a bike from a bike rental in NYC, you can park the bike at any public bike rack. These can take the form of an actual rack or some sort of decorative monument. All you need is a trust lock and chain, and you can rest assured that nobody will steal your bike while you’re exploring the wonders of the city. If you decide to take a longer trip by bus, you can store your bike on the front bike rack. Similarly, if you head down to the subway for a day trip, you’ll be able to take it onboard without a hassle. The subway system features elevators that are super convenient for cyclists trying to go up and down. Biking is compatible with other forms of transportation, and a mix of the two will give you the utmost freedom in New York City.

Popular New York City Bike Rides

The Five Boro Bike Tour is the most common bike ride in New York. This route takes you through five boros in a mere 40 miles. This activity is designed to be done in one day, so you don't have to worry about booking hotels or making stops along the way. The Manhattan Waterfront Greenway is another popular venue. The greenway features exclusive bike lanes and signs that clearly direct cyclists to and from nearby landmarks. If you want to go fast, the greenway is the place to be. Lastly, Central Park is another perfect place for cycling. You can make a loop around the park while staying on roads and marked bike paths. In the summer, there are festivals and celebrations for cyclists where you can indulge in free food, music and accessories. New York has a number of bike associations that fund all of these activities and more.

Prospect Park is a smaller park that offers equally peaceful biking. There are a few hills that can really test your cardio and endurance. Another local secret is the Henry Hudson Drive, also known as River Road Map. This windy road takes you right alongside the river, and in the springtime, it's filled with flowers and beautiful trees. While it's certainly busy, Hudson Drive attracts more of a casual crowd with many walkers and runners. Last but not least, you might be interested in riding on some of New York City's cobblestone roads. Most of them have been replaced by asphalt roads, but there are still a few relics that remind visitors of the old city. It's a slightly bumpier ride, but fun nonetheless.

New York City Biking Statistics

In recent polls, nearly 800,000 New Yorkers ride a bike regularly. These people commute to and from work, school or public venues. While many cyclists don't ride every single day, it's a staple part of their commute, something that they can't go weeks without. Another interesting fact is that the city has seen a 134% increase in cyclists over the last decade. People attribute this to well-defined bike lanes and bike racks scattered throughout the city. Now that cycling is safer and more convenient than ever, younger age demographics are turning to bicycles to get to school. On the same note, some of the elderly population enjoy biking in the park for some fresh air and relaxing exercise. In total, there are 1,240 miles of dedicated bike lanes in New York City. Compared to other metropolitan areas across the nation, these numbers are some of the highest you will find. A dedicated bike lane means that the cyclist has the right of way in every scenario; they only have to yield to pedestrians who are crossing. Once you've rented from a bike rental in NYC, you'll be able to experience firsthand just how luxurious these lanes are.

What To Do In A Biking Accident In New York City

Biking is thrilling, but there is always a possibility of an accident. If you do find yourself in a predicament, it's important to first assess the situation. Is anybody injured? Are we on the road or a bike trail? Have I collided with an object or another person? Depending on the answers to these questions, you should react accordingly. If someone is seriously injured, you need to immediately call 911. Tell them to send medical assistance and describe your location as best as possible. If the accident is less severe, prop up the bikes and assess the damage. Bike rentals usually come with liability forms, so you'll want to check those for the details of your coverage. Either way, make sure you're not blocking lanes of traffic or posing a hazard to pedestrians in the nearby area. Clean up all small wounds with a first aid kit.

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